Fitness Equipment Checkout Program

Checkout Fitness Equipment to use at home!
Starting Monday April 27, 2020!

What type of equipment can I checkout?
• Kettlebells: 5lbs - 80 lbs
• Dumbbells (pairs):  5 lbs - 145 lbs
• Medicine Balls: 2lbs - 30 lbs
• Fixed Weight Curl Bar: 20 lbs – 110 lbs
• Fixed Weight Straight Bar: 20 lbs - 110 lbs
• Metal Frame Jump Box
• Plate Loaded Curl Bar
• Plate Loaded Straight Bar
• Plate Weights in sets of up to 4: 2.5lbs – 45 lbs
• Yoga Mat

How do I checkout equipment?
• Visit Whitside Fitness Center on Mondays or Fridays from 0800-1200
• You must provide an eligibility MFR signed by your or your sponsor’s unit commander
(Click here to download fillable MFR)
• You can checkout 4 items at a time for periods of one or two weeks
• Must have Rec Trac household account. Can do on site if necessary
• A refundable $50 deposit with a credit card is required
• You are financially liable for full replacement costs for lost or damaged equipment
• Equipment must be returned within 48 hours of fitness centers re-opening

Other policies and restrictions apply.

Call Whitside Fitness Center at 785-239-2573, Mondays or Fridays, between 0800-1200 for more details.