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Commerical Solicitation Permits: Home Based Businesses (HBB) 

A quick list of items required are:

  • An introductory cover letter signed by yourself stating who you are . 
    • Also please state what it is you want to sell.
  •  Fill out Appendix C signed by yourself.
    • If you own the company you will need to sign as the president, vice president or district manager.
  •  If an independent distributor you will need a copy of your contract signed by both you and a representative of the company, or a letter on the company letterhead, signed by the president, vice president or a regional director of the company; stating you are in good standing and authorized to sell their product. 
  • If you live on the Installation please fill out Appendix E.  
    • You will need a letter from Corvias stating they authorize you to sell out of your living quarters. 
  • You will need to submit a price listing or catalog that gives detailed summary of the prices and items that will be sold. 


Please review Appendix B, in Fort Riley Regulation 210-7.  It is a list of Fort Riley's requirements for a Solicitation Permit.  It is a good source to make sure you have everything you need.


Once we receive the packet, we will process your request.  Please allow two (2) weeks for the request to be processed.  Upon approval/denial, our office will send out a letter of notification. 

Agent Cards
  • For more information, contact Army Community Service