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Welcome to Youth Sports and Fitness! We offer a multitude of programs to CYS-registered families, including Start Smart developmental programs, team sports, individual sports, athletic camps, CYS outreach, special events, and nutrition and health promotion classes, and Outdoor Adventure.

  • Start Smart: Children and their parents interact together while learning sports skills to prepare for team sports. Start Smart is offered for soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football, golf, and skill development.
  • Team sports: Team sports offered include soccer, basketball, T-ball, baseball, softball, cheerleading, volleyball and flag football.
  • Individual sports: Tennis and running club are among the many individual sports offered throughout the year.
  • Athletic camps: Camps includes basketball, soccer, baseball and football camps.
  • CYS outreach: Youth Sports and Fitness provides outreach activities for the Youth Center, School-Age Centers, Child Development Centers, and Family Child Care providers. At the Youth Center and School-Age Centers, Youth Sports and Fitness offers intramural sports, indoor and outdoor fitness activities, and health promotion clinics. Fun Fitness activities are provided for CDC and FCC providers.
  • Special events: Once a month, Youth Sports and Fitness hosts Family Fitness Night. Families - parents and youth - interact and participate in fun, fast paced fitness activities.
  • Nutrition and health promotion classes: Classes on current health information, are offered through School-Age Centers, the Youth Center, and Family Child Care provides, as well as parent education classes at Parent Central Services. Several special events are held throughout the year, including Junior Olympics, Neighborhood Nights, and other national competitions and sports tournaments.
  • Outdoor Adventure: A once-a-month program offered to third- through 12th-graders. Outdoor Adventure includes trips and activities throughout the year such as snow tubing, ice skating, canoeing, camping, and much more!
Youth Sports Calendar

2017-2018 Youth Sports and Fitness Calendar

Flyers with information about registration dates and requirements are available through CYS Parent Central.  All activities will be publicized on the CYS Facebook page.

Sport Registration Dates Age or Grade Cost Parent Meeting Week Practice Starts Season Ends
Basketball Camp Oct. 30-Dec. 1 1st-3rd grade $10 N/A Dec. 4 Dec. 7
Basketball Camp Oct. 30-Dec. 8 4th-8th grade $10 N/A Dec. 11 Dec. 14
Futsal Camp Oct. 30-Dec. 8 K-8th grade $10 N/A Dec. 11 Dec. 14
Basketball Nov. 1-Dec. 14 1st-8th grade $45 Jan. 4 Jan. 8 Mar. 3
Futsal Nov. 1-Dec. 14 K-8th grade $45  Jan. 4 Jan. 8  Mar. 3
Cheerleading Nov. 1-Dec. 14 K-8th grade $45 Jan. 4 Jan. 8 Mar. 3
Soccer Conditioning Camp Jan. 22-Feb. 23 K-12th grade


N/A Feb. 26 Mar. 9
Soccer Jan. 22-Mar. 2 K-8th grade $45 Mar. 8 Mar. 12 May 5
Running Club Feb. 21-Apr. 4 1st-12th grade $20  N/A Apr. 9 May 19
Tennis Club  Feb. 21-Apr. 4 1st-12th grade $20  N/A Apr. 9  May 17
T-Ball (Coed) Mar. 28-May 4 5-6 years $45  May 17 May 21 Jul. 14
Coach Pitch Baseball (Coed) Mar. 28-May 4 7-8 years  $45  May 17

May 21

Jul. 14
Player Pitch Baseball (Coed)
(Age as of 30 April)
Mar. 28-May 4 9-13 years  $45  May 17 May 7 Jul. 14*
Machine Pitch Softball (Girls)
(Grade for 2017-2018 school year)
Mar. 28-May 4 1st-2nd grade  $45  May 17  May 21 Jul. 14
Player Pitch Softball (Girls)
(Grade for 2017-2018 school year)
Mar. 28-May 4 3rd-12th grade  $45  May 17 May 7 Jul. 14* 
* Player Pitch baseball & softball end dates will be dependent on the end of the season tournament hosted by Manhattan Parks & Rec and Junction City Junior Baseball Association.
British Challenge Soccer Camp* More information to include dates and times will be provided as we receive it. British Challenger Soccer Camp will be held at the Youth Sports Complex; however it is staffed entirely by the Challenger Soccer Company. For more information head to
Fall Sports Conditioning Camp Jun. 25-Aug. 3 K-12th grade Free N/A Aug. 6 Aug. 17
Soccer  Jul. 10-Aug. 17 K-8th grade $45 Aug. 23 Aug. 27 Oct. 27 
Flag Football Jul. 10-Aug. 17 1st-8th grade $45

Aug. 23

Aug. 27 Oct. 27 
Cheerleading Jul. 10-Aug. 17 K-8th grade $45  Aug. 23 Aug. 27 Oct. 27
Volleyball Jul. 10-Aug. 17 3rd-6th grade  $45  Aug. 23 Aug. 27  Oct. 27
Running Club Jul. 18-Aug. 29 1st-12th grades $20  N/A  Sept. 5 Oct. 17


Start Smart Programs
Sport Registration Dates Age Cost Sessions Start Sessions End
Basketball Sept. 25-Nov. 3 4-5 $25 Nov. 7 Dec. 14
Skill Development Sept. 25-Nov. 3 3-5 $25 Nov. 7 Dec. 14
Soccer Feb. 20-Mar. 30 3-5 $25 Apr. 3 May 10
T-Ball Apr. 18-May 24 3-5 $25 May 29 Jul. 12
Lacrosse Apr. 18-May 24 5-7 $25 May 29 Jul. 12
Soccer Aug. 7-Sep. 14 3-5 $25 Sep. 18 Oct. 25
Flag Football Aug. 7-Sep. 24 5-6 $25 Sep. 18 Oct. 25

The schedule above is subject to change based on volunteer coaches, enrollment, available partners, and facility/practice space. Fort Riley Youth Sports participates in both on- and off-post leagues. While all practices are held on post, it is possible for games to be held in Junction City, Manhattan, Milford and Ogden.