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2021 CYS Virtual Parent Education Sessions

Note: This event has already passed.

Join CYS monthly online training sessions (via Microsoft Teams) that will help you and your Family grow together.

April: Who We Are and What We Do

  • In this segment of our parent education series, we will explore the overall structure of CYS along with the different programs we offer.  We will also illustrate the important lifelong skills children learn within each program.

May: Sensory items Available In Your Home

  • Let’s talk about the importance of sensory play and what fun materials you may be able to use that are available in your home.

June: Fun In the Sun, The Safe Way

  • A discussion about water safety tips, sunburn prevention and the importance of adequate hydration.

July: Ready...Set...Go Potty

  • Is your child ready to start learning to use the potty? Review the signs and needs of potty learning readiness.

August: Full "STEAM" Ahead with FESAC...what the STEAM?

  • Come along and ride on this fantastic Voyage – join the FESAC Trainer on a Fun filled STEM / STEAM Voyage! Come along, pack your bags, and get on up and dance y’all! Come along and ride on the fantastic voyage and join Ms. Yvonne on a fun filled fantastic 45 minute voyage filled with slime, edible cake mix playdough, building robots and bridges from cardboard, marshmallow catapults and get recipes and instructions on a host of fun filled STEM Challenges and activities to do with your family.

September: Resilience Tools - Bouncing Back

  • Every day we call upon our tools of resilience.  We bounce back from situations that are challenging.  Parents’ resilience techniques are mirrored in their children’s actions. Learning new skills can turn a stressful situation into a positive teaching moment for children and adults. Together, we can increase our tools of resilience.

October: Help Create Routine to Ease Naptime/Bedtime Transition

  • Naptime can be challenging. Transitions can be difficult especially the naptime/bedtime transition.  Tips will be shared to help you create a naptime routine.  We will add a tool to your toolbox for naptime transitions.

November: To Exclude or Not to Exclude

  • An explanation of CYS exclusion and re-admission criteria as part of our mission to keep your children safe in our programs.

December: Cyber Bullying for Youth

  • What is cyber bullying?  Discuss how this can happen and what to do about it.  Discuss certain apps that make attract unwanted attention

All trainings will be virtual. Find them here on Microsoft Teams

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