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Fort Riley Trail Collection


The Fort Riley Trail Collection was created to provide a centralized location for patrons to locate information about the trails on Fort Riley. To learn more about each trail click on the list below. 

Custer Hill Trails



  • Red Loop: 0.97 miles
  • Yellow Loop: 4.01 miles
  • Blue Loop: 2.7 miles
  • Green Loop: 4.8 miles                                

Path Type: Paved                                                                                          Video:
Trail Proudly Sponsored By: 1st ABCT

The Custer Hill Trails will take you through the heart of Fort Riley. The trails provide an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Custer Hill, and will allow you to slow down, relax and unwind. Trail users have the opportunity to see native birds and enjoy nature. The Custer Hill Trails also offer access to a disk golf course, a creek, and the Fort Riley Outdoor Adventure Park.

Fort Riley Hiking Trail


Distance: 4.15 miles
Path Type: Gravel

Proudly Sponsored By: 2nd ABCT

The Fort Riley Hiking Trail winds through densely wooded natural terrain featuring steep slopes, a scenic overlook, as well as a beautiful waterfall that flows during the spring season. Stop at the Outdoor Chapel for sweeping views of the Flint Hills, Kansas River, and Fort Riley Cemetery. One of the more challenging trails on Fort Riley, the Fort Riley Hiking Trail can deliver exceptional sightseeing with physically rewarding experiences.

Gov Harvey Canyon Trail


Distance: 1.18 miles
Path Type: Gravel 

Video: (Coming Soon)
Proudly Sponsored By: DIVARTY

The Governor Harvey Canyon Trail will make you feel like you are on top of the world with its sweeping panoramic views of the Flint Hills and Fort Riley. Featuring gentle slopes and incredible scenery, this unpaved trail is the perfect length and location for a walk or jog. Enjoy the sunset and the sights and sounds of nature from this unique vantage point.

JC River Walk Trail


Distance: 4.8 miles
Path Type: Gravel

Proudly Sponsored By: 1st Sustainment BDE

Become immersed in nature as you hike along the edge of the Republican River. This trail features wooded seclusion with several outlets to the water. Stop at the scenic lookout points to enjoy beautiful views of the river and watch for bald eagles and other native Kansas birds. Benches and picnic areas are also available along this route.

Marshall Army Airfield Trail


Distance: 3.85 miles
Path Type: Paved/Gravel
Video: (Coming Soon)
Proudly Sponsored By: 1st Combat Aviation BDE

The Marshall Army Airfield Trail is perfect for recreation enthusiasts of all kinds and can accommodate walkers, runners, bicyclists, and strollers. One of the longest trails on Fort Riley, this path features a close up of the Marshall Army Airfield with chances to see Black Hawk, Apache, and Chinook helicopters taking off and landing. The trail also crosses the Kansas River and cuts through pastures, offering trail users a chance to see the horses of the Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard up close.

Moon Lake Trail


Distance: 0.58 miles
Path Type: Gravel

Trail Proudly Sponsored By: DENTAC

The Moon Lake Trail was extended with funds received by Fort Riley for winning the 2019 Bronze Award in the Army Communities of Excellence program. The trail provides a relaxing, enjoyable, and easy access walking path to the Moon Lake Park from one of the largest housing areas on Fort Riley. This area has always been teeming with local wildlife where Soldiers and their Families can take a moment out of their busy lives to venture out onto a safe, enjoyable, not so beaten path. Moon Lake Park provides a serene place to relax in the shade. Listen to the sound of the birds as you make your way down to the lake to have a picnic, play at the park, or go fishing.

Riley's Loop Trail


Distance: 1.95 miles
Path Type: Paved

Proudly Sponsored By: Garrison

Enjoy an easy stroll or bicycle ride along this paved path. This trail features pleasant gradual slopes where you can walk, jog or run as you enjoy the views or just reflect on your day. Pedestrian bridges and exercise equipment found along the way are sure to get your heart rate up. Located on Historic Main Post, pedestrians will have a chance to enjoy viewing the architecture of the historic homes and buildings dating back to the 1800s.

Whitside Loop Trail


Distance: 2.08 miles
Path Type: Gravel

Proudly Sponsored By: IACH

The Whitside Loop Trail features unbeatable panoramic views from the top of the ridge. This trail has challenging steep inclines and shady wooded scenery. You can almost imagine you've stepped back in time to the frontier days when you look down from the top of the ridge onto the First Territorial Capitol, the Kansas River, and the Flint Hills stretching out in the distance.

1st Division Rd Trail


Distance: 1.3 miles
Path Type: Gravel

Video: (Coming Soon)
Proudly Sponsored By: HHBN

Hiking the 1st Division Road Trail will make you forget you are on a military installation. This gravel path twists and turns through secluded trees and grasslands before linking up with 1st Division Road on the north end. While on this trail, you will have the opportunity to see native species of wildflowers, grasses, and trees. The trail also hosts an assortment of Kansas wildlife including lizards, songbirds, birds of prey, and deer.

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