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Riley's Rascals Derby

Note: This event has already passed.

Build a gravity car and race downhill against other competitors during the Riley's Rascal Derby Race! All vehicles must be powered by GRAVITY!


The race location is Carpenter Avenue (Between 1ID & Garrison Headquarters) Fort Riley, KS 66442. 

Coordinates are: 39°04'21.4"N 96°46'51.3"W

Closes address is: 500 Huebner Rd., Fort Riley, KS 66442


Age Divisions:

  • 7-12yr olds
  • 13-17yr olds
  • Adults 18+



  • Speed
  • Overall Design 


Participants must: 

  1. Maintain proper physical distancing
  2. Wear masks
  3. Use hand sanitizing stations 


Derby Rules:

1.      Each driver must have a helmet securely attached to his/her head with the factory chin strap in working condition. Full face helmets are highly recommended but not required. Closed toed shoes are mandatory; we recommend long pants and other protective gear.

2.      Each team member must sign a liability waiver on race day.

3.      All efforts must be made to avoid contact with other cars while racing. Intentional bumping/rubbing is not allowed. Harmful contact will result in disqualification.

4.      Teams that are affected by unsafe contact will be given the opportunity to make a replacement run.

5.      Cell phones and driving do not mix. Please do not use any sort of mobile devices while driving.

6.      Absolutely nothing may be thrown from vehicles during the races.

7.      All vehicles will be inspected prior to the race. A performance-based test of steering, and stopping will be conducted. Vehicles must be constructed in a safe, workman-like manner and must be able to withstand the rigors of multiple race heats.


Car Requirements:

1.      The vehicle may be no wider than 4 feet, and no longer than 8 feet.

2.      Each vehicle must be equipped with large eyebolts in the front and rear of the vehicle. These will be used to transport the vehicle back up the hill to the start of the race course.

3.      Your car must have a minimum of 3 wheels in contact with the ground at all times.

4.      Each car must have functional brakes. (No Fred Flintstone style brakes) Brakes must remain functional throughout the event.

5.      Each vehicle must be powered by gravity. No additional propulsion is permitted. This includes moveable weights, batteries, wind, solar, giant rubber bands, rocket engines, and anything else judges determine to be too sneaky!

6.      Luges or Skateboards do not qualify as a derby car. 

7.      “Head First” driver positions will not be allowed

8.      Automobile frames and automobile axels will not be allowed.

9.      Glass is not allowed in the construction of vehicles

10.  Any sheet metal edges must be folded over (hemmed) so sharp edges are not exposed.

11.  Vehicles must be steerable, capable of avoiding other cars, obstacles, and pedestrians.



Registration Information

Limited race spots. Advance registration required. Registration ends at 5pm, September 18, 2020, or when all spots are filled. Call 785-784-1000 to register! Minimum of 3 racers. 

Riley's Community Center
  • Riley's Community Center
  • Limited services and capacity. Room A and D are open (45 patron limit). The other rooms remain closed. All patrons are required to: wear a face mask, sanitize hands, and have their temperature taken.
  • Hours: