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Fort Riley Bow Slinger 3-D Archery Tournament

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To register for the 2023 Bow Slinger click here.
If you are unable to register online, please call, 785-239-5412.


Click here for the 2022 Bow Slinger Results

Join Fort Riley next year for the 5th Annual Bow Slinger 3-D Archery Tournament!
Watch out for Big Foot of the Flint Hills, and
 look for details starting in May 2023!

Work your way through a 1.54 mile, 30 target, known shooting distance course.

  • 30 target known-distance tournament.
  • Top 3 shooters from each category with 8 or more shooters will be eligible to when prizes up to $250. Classes with 3 - 7 shooters top shooter will win $200.
  • Food available for purchase 11AM-2PM.
  • Easy Post Access! Personal Driver’s License & DOB required for post access.
  • Active Duty personnel are not restricted to the Active Duty category.
  • ASA Shooting Rules  
Class Descriptions and Cost

To register for the 2023 Bow Slinger click here.
If you are unable to register online, please call, 785-239-5412.


Active Duty (Men and Women) $40
Senior, 50+ (Men and Women) $40
General (Men and Women) $50

May use any compound or recurve bow, sight, release, or stabilizer length. The following items MAY NOT BE USED: (1) broadheads or any other point or tip not intended for target use; (2) retaining mechanisms which allow the bow to be mechanically held in the drawn position (except crossbows); (3) laser sights or devices; (4) devices or any outside agency (including stabilizer bar or prop stick) that allows the mass weight of the bow to be relieved from either arm while shooting or that allows for steadying the bow with any part of the body other than the bow hand.



Active Duty (Men and Women) $40
General (Men and Women) $50

Sights - Fixed pins, no pin limit. Movable sights may be used, but must be locked down into a fixed position that will be verified by the group prior to competing. Magnification is not permitted in any fixed pin class. Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted.

Stabilizers - A front stabilizer or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer (or system) to the point of attachment on the front of the riser provided by the manufacturer. A rear stabilizer or counter balance weight system may be used with a maximum of two extensions. Due to the use of V-bars and varying points of attachment the length of the rear stabilizer is not to extend further than six inches (6”) directly back from the back of the riser below the grip toward the strings. Stabilizers may be longer than 6” if angled from the point of attachment.



All (Men and Women) $40

Bow must be either recurve or longbow without wheels or cams. No release aid, no sights, a single stabilizer up to 12” in length measured from the point of attachment, no overdraws, no draw checks, must have one finger touching the arrow nock, and must use one consistent anchor point. No marks on the sight window, string, or bow to use as an aiming or judging reference. All arrows must be identical in size, weight and construction.

Tournament Prizes

To register for the 2023 Bow Slinger click here.
If you are unable to register online, please call, 785-239-5412.

The table below shows the maximum payout in each category.

8 or More Participants in Class

1st Place $250
2nd Place $125
3rd Place $75


3-7 Participants in Class

1st Place $200
2nd Place $100

Prizes will be given in the form of a mailed check.
Winning participants will be required to fill out a W-9 form.

*Prizes and amount subject to change 

Tournament Day Schedule

Saturday, August 19


Shooter's Check-In 7:00am - 8:15am
Shooter's Meeting (required for all shooters)
Tournament Starts            
Food Sales Begin 11:00am 
Door Prize Drawings  1:30pm

*Schedule subject to change 

Directions and Gate Access


From the Visitor’s Center/Henry Gate:

1.       Head northwest on Henry Dr toward Marshall Dr
2.       At the round-about, continue straight stay on Henry Dr
3.       Henry Dr will turn into Dickman Ave (slight right)
4.       Turn left Turn left onto Huebner Rd
5.       At the traffic light, take a right onto 1st Division Rd.
6.       At the next traffic light take a left onto Normandy Drive.
7.       The Fort Riley Outdoor Adventure Park will be on your right.

Access to Fort Riley for Pre-registered Shooters: 

Visitors requiring a pass for access to Fort Riley can now apply for a single day pass online. The online pass application is available at: HTTPS://PASS.AIE.ARMY.MIL/RILEY

After successful vetting, visitors will be sent an email containing their pass. Visitors may either present their phone to the guard for scanning or print the pass at their convenience. The pass will come from the email address If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your "junk mail" or "spam" folder.

Passes may be requested in advance and are only valid for the date requested. Online pass applications are only processed during Visitor Control Center operating hours. It is recommended that visitors submit pass applications 24 hours in advance of their planned visit. The online pass process can only be utilized by personnel with a valid, government-issed driver's license

To register for the 2023 Bow Slinger click here.
If you are unable to register online, please call, 785-239-5412

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