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Youth Center

The Youth Center offers comprehensive programs designed to meet the academic, social, and developmental needs of today's youth. After-school transportation to the Youth Center is provided from area schools.

Facility Features

  • Full-court gym used for sports, dances, and instructional programs
  • Technology lab
  • Art room
  • Large cafe area for eating, playing board games, pool and air hockey
  • Music/dance studio
  • Homework area
  • High school lounge

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Self Registration

Self-registration is an option available to those registering for open recreation only. The self-registration policy is designed to provide the benefits of Youth Center membership while at the same time facilitating the timely and proper processing of needed releases, permissions, and registration documents. Registration forms are available at the Youth Center.

Benefits of self-registration:

  • Streamlined application process
  • No waiting for an "in-person" registration interview
  • Full participation as guest members while paperwork is processed

Enrollment at CYS Parent Central

Patrons seeking before-school or summer services must complete the regular registration process at Parent Central, located at 6620 Normandy Dr. For more information, call +1 (785)239-9885.

Homework Center and Computer Lab

The Youth Center boasts a fully equipped computer lab and homework center, each is facilitated by a fully qualified staff member. Computers can be accessed in both labs for homework and internet surfing. Parents can be reassured that each tech lab is protected by, CYBERsitter, a content filtering software that complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act. Each user will be taught safe internet skills before accessing any of the lab's computers. During specified hours, each facility is open to the public. Home-schooling families are especially encouraged to take advantage of the lab's public hours.

Special-Interest Clubs

Our affiliation with 4-H and Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) allows us to provide great activities on a regular basis that include:

Club Tech
The latest in technology and software are available in our youth technology lab. Technology programs introduce youth to digital movie making, music making, photography, Junior PC Technician skills, graphic design, and web development.

Passport to Manhood
This program consists of 14 small group sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of manhood through highly interactive activities. Each participant is issued his own "passport" to underscore the idea that he is on a journey of maturation and personal growth.

Smart Girls
A health, fitness, prevention/education program for girls, ages 10-15. Healthy attitudes and lifestyles are encouraged to enable early adolescent girls to develop to their full potential.

Youth of the Year
This program is designed to promote and recognize service to Club and Community, academic performance and contributions to family and spiritual life. Clubs select a Youth of the Year who receives a certificate, medallion and may advance to state, regional and national competitions with eligibility to earn valuable scholarships.

Image Makers National Photography Program
Image Makers is a comprehensive photography program that encourages girls and boys to learn and practice photography and to express themselves in creative and innovative ways. Image Makers provides local, regional, and national recognition through an annual photography contest.

National Fine Arts Exhibit
This competition, which encourages creativity through a variety of media, is made up of local, regional, and national exhibits. Young people are encouraged to create artwork in any of the following categories: monochromatic drawing, multicolored drawing, pastels, water color, oil or acrylic paint, print making, mixed media, collage, and sculpture.

Sports and Fitness
Youth are given daily fitness opportunities in our full-size gym and outdoor basketball court (weather permitting). Incorporating healthy lifestyles and triple play games, youth learn about balancing nutrition, activity, and recreation.

4-H Clubs
A positive self-concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for community, healthy interpersonal relationships, and sound decision making are the life skills promoted through various 4-H clubs offered at the Youth Center. Programs include Cooking Club, Arts and Crafts, Photography Club, and Drama where youth and adults learn, grow, and work together.

4-H Free Fair
Youth may participate in the Annual 4-H Free Fair by submitting projects created throughout the year. High-ranking ribbon winners will have their project sent on to the State Fair competition.

Leadership Opportunities

The Youth Advisory Committees utilize the Torch Club and Keystone Club materials from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to help teens learn and practice leadership skills. The Triple Play Leadership Club also teaches leadership from an athletic viewpoint. Club members assist staff in making rules, planning programs, decorating centers, provide community service, and evaluate teen programs and services. Additionally, middle school and high school teens have opportunities to be delegates at the Teen Army Family Action Plan conference where their voices are heard by community leaders and commanders. Selected teens also have opportunities to represent Fort Riley at regional and national Army forums and panel discussions.


Power Hour provides youth with the support, resources, and guidance necessary to complete their homework and start the school day with a sense of confidence and ability. Youth earn Power Points for completion of homework and other educational activities. These points may be redeemed for prizes, activities, and incentives. Homework Center staff are also qualified to assist youth in ACT/SAT preparation and in finding college scholarship and grants.

School Support Services

Army School Support Services offers parents the following:

  • Provides parents moving to Fort Riley information on all schools serving the installation, both on- and off-post
  • Provides transition information on leaving one school district to enter a new school; as well as transitions between elementary and middle school, and middle and high school.
  • Provides youth sponsorship, youth sponsor training, youth sponsorship council, arrival / departure activities, and e-mail capability
  • Home school programming and support group
  • Youth School Council
  • PCS and grade advancement transition assistance
  • Post-secondary education preparation information

All School Liaison Officers are located in CYS Parent Central.

Youth Sponsorship

Sponsorship helps relocated youth become familiar with their new home at Fort Riley by contacting them before their move, if possible, and helping them settle into a new post. Each quarter a Newcomers Club orients new teens to the Fort Riley Youth Center and its programs. This meeting is held in cooperation with area schools and allows newcomers a chance to meet new peers and get reliable information about their new home, school, and the Youth Center.

Services for Youth with Deployed Parents

Deployments affect everyone. Often overlooked, however, are the added stresses and anxiety experienced by older children who, along with school work, take on the added burdens of caring for younger siblings and increased responsibilities in the household. In recognition of the unique challenges faced by teens during times of deployment, the Youth Center offers the following support programs:

Deployment Discussions
As the name implies, "Deployment Discussions" are periods of open discussion with peers regarding deployment related issues during all deployment phases. The discussions are facilitated by the Military Family Life Consultant assigned to the Youth Center who utilizes video and print resources to stimulate discussion. Although all aspects of deployments will be discussed, positive aspects of the deployment experience and the opportunities for personal growth are continually emphasized. Discussions take place every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. at the Youth Center. All youth in grades 6-12 are allowed to participate regardless of their registration status with CYS.

Annual Youth Deployment Summer Retreat
A day of fun in the sun at Rock Springs 4-H camp for children with deployed parents. The purpose of the retreat is to give youth the opportunity for positive peer interactions while building personal confidence and developing coping skills at the same time. The basic agenda includes a variety of group and team building activities (such as a low-ropes obstacle course, canoeing, swimming, etc.), as well as some more formal periods of presentation by social work professionals on coping with deployment stresses and reintegration.

  • Custer Hill Youth Center
  • Military DSN (312)856-9222
  • Hours:
    Hours on School Day
    Hours on School Day
    Hours on School Day
    Hours on School Day
    Hours on School Day
    Programming, First Saturday of Month Only
    Federal Holidays

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