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Buddy Bison's Great Outdoor Challenge

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Click here to download your Buddy Bison Great Outdoor Challenge Passport 

There are two ways to play - complete outdoor activities on the Buddy Bison Bingo Card or collect points by visiting parks listed on the Buddy Bison Park Passport. The Challenge is open to participants ages 5-16 years of age. 

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Buddy Bison Games and Activities

Buddy Bison Creative Learning Program

Buddy Bison Bingo

Complete 25 activities listed and earn prizes. To get a Bingo, you must finish five tasks in a row (up, down, across, diagonally). 

To complete a task - Take a photo of yourself doing an activity listed with your Buddy Bison Passport Booklet. After completing a row or more of Bingo, take your photos to the Outdoor Adventure Park to receive your prize. Photos can be shared using the hashtag #FRBuddyBison

Complete the activities below to mark a Bingo square on your Bingo card:

  1. Attend Fall Apple Day Festival 
  2. Learn about bison at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve 
  3. Splash in the water at Kaw River State Park 
  4. Try rock climbing or scrambling 
  5. Stargaze at home or in a park 
  6. Watch the sunset at Milford State Park 
  7. Hike or bike at Fancy Creek State Park 
  8. FREE SPACE (Buddy Bison picture)
  9. See the rocks at Mushroom Rock State Park 
  10. Bike or walk Keats Park 
  11. Skip a rock at Perry State Park 
  12. Visit the Flint Hills Discovery Center 
  13. Attend Kids Fest 
  14. Try canoeing or fishing 
  15. See the Tallgrass at the Konza Prairie
  16. Skip rocks at Wildcat Park 
  17. Visit Eisenhower State Park 
  18. Swing on a swing at Fairmont Park 
  19. Have a picnic at Pomona State Park 
  20. Try birdwatching 
  21. Go camping 
  22. Build a cairn out of rocks 
  23. Learn about our history at Brown V. Board of Education NHS 
  24. Hike Kanopolis State Park 
  25. Plant a tree 
Buddy Bison Park Passport

The Buddy Bison Passport contains 24 locations to visit throughout Kansas. Take a photo of yourself with your Buddy Bison passport Booklet to earn participation points. Participation points earn prizes. Photos can be shared using the hashtag #FRBuddyBison.

Passport Destination 
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve  2 points 
Fort Larned National Historic Site  2 points 
Harry S. Truman National Historic Site  2 points 
Konza Prairie Biological Station  1 point 
Milford State Park  1 point 
Kaw River State Park  1 point 
Brown vs Board of Education National Historic Site  2 points 
Fort Scott National Historic Site  3 points 
Nicodemus National Historic Site  3 points
Flint Hills Discovery Center 1 point
Fancy Creek State Park  1 point
Perry State Park  1 point 
Tuttle Creek State Park 1 point 
Mushroom Rock State Park 1 point 
Eisenhower State Park 2 points 
Fairmont Park 1 point
Youth Archery Clinic (Nov 9, 2019)  1 point 
Pomona State Park  2 points 
Kanopolis State Park  2 points 
Wildcat Park  1 point 
Keats Park 1 point 
Kid's Fishing Day - Fort Riley (April 18, 2020) 1 point 
Add Your Own Location 1 point